Terence Brown

Terence Brown was born in a small town in Utah, but grew up in Summerville just outside of Charleston, SC. He is married to his best friend, Sara. They have two dogs, Coach and Cypres.

After a short stint in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, Terence partnered with Links Consulting in 2012. The transition was motivated by witnessing many teammates receive bad financial advice and in some cases, blatant lies from advisors and trusted friends – experiences he felt could have been avoided with proper education and planning.

He quickly became one of the top (and youngest) advisors within Links Consulting and has since opened his own practice, Left Tackle Advisors. Due to his laser focus on creating safe retirement plans he has been able to help hundreds of families.

His primary focus centers around three things:

  1. Safety first – Developing a plan that protects your principal.
  2. Reasonable rate of return – Avoiding reliance solely on the Wall Street roller coaster ride.
  3. Simplicity – Creating plans with fewer moving parts that are wisely chosen and easy to understand.

This approach challenges the status quo of traditional planning, which is based on the risk reward myth – that says if you want big rewards you have to be willing to take big risks. He helps clients discover how they can build a plan that works under all conditions, not just ideal ones, where safety is never sacrificed.

He is a proud member of the National Ethics Association (NEA) and earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation from The American College. He is actively involved in his community and church and loves giving back to the industry that gives so much to his clients.




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